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Our agency may have started in the corner of my bedroom with a laptop, card table and folding chair but we have grown to become a national health insurance broker with offices in Iowa, Nebraska, and California. Just as the health insurance industry has changed to our adapting times, as an agency we have done the same, redefining what it means to be an independent health insurance broker. Our approach to business is simple, work hard, always work for the client not yourself, look outside of the box and the long term goals not the short gains, and above all do what is right. Whether you are looking for coverage for yourself and family, your small business, aging into Medicare, looking to protect your family or assists in trying times, or just taking a trip outside of the United States we have your back. Our dedication to our clients makes us a leader in providing health insurance products that work for you the client.

With certifications to sell individual health insurance from the health insurance marketplace we have been recognized as a Circle of Champions agency for the last three straight years and an Elite Circle of Champions Agency the last two years. In 2020 we expanded our individual product lines to include certification on the Colorado individual marketplace Connect Colorado, and the state of California thru Covered California and Covered California small business. Individual health clients are the backbone of our agency and still to this day make up a majority of our clients, while other brokers left the individual market in 2013 we embraced the changes and worked through those first three difficult years.

As a group health insurance broker we have taken the tools that have been given to us and used them to make group health insurance a reality for businesses all over the United States. From Iowa, to California to Nebraska and every where in between we have helped existing businesses save money on group health insurance, new businesses getting started building a group health insurance plan that will make them competitive and attract and retain the talent they need to keep the lights on and the doors open. Our commitment to businesses both large and small to keeps rates competitive and benefits attractive to employees and retain those employees.

As a Medicare Broker our commitment to our senior clients is what we take pride in the most. We look after our Medicare clients and take the guess work out of guessing what Medicare plan is right for you. Our commitment to Medicare clients is simple, we have 5 standards that Medicare Insurance companies must show us if they want us to see there products. That has been our commitment since day one and it has not changed, we take our commitment that our Medicare clients have given us very seriously and work every day to make sure they only have the best benefits in the market with coverage that provides them with the protection they deserve at the price they can afford.

When you partner with Opportunity Health Advisors you are not getting just a health insurance broker. You are getting a member of that family, or business. That is how we have looked at our clients since day one and that is how we hope our clients will look at us. So why not give us shot reach out to us today and lets work to earn your business.



The OIA Story

  • 2019 - OIA is Formed 
  • 2023 - OIA forms the "OIA Leadership Committee " To give agents a voice in the running of our agency 
    • OIA officially enters the eastern United States making us a national insurance agency. 
  • 2024 - OIA terminates captive agent business. Our agency was formed by independent insurance agents and its sucess comes from that same spirit. As a diverse group of agents we don't want the same cookie cutter approach to business, we want our agents to be there own person. 
    • Opportunity Financial is formed: A full service life, annuities, disability and long term care agency